wilder shoes

My Story

Roberta Paul - designer and founder of Wilder

Wilder is a shoe line for creative women like me who dress for themselves and have a strong point of view on style (and other topics). The shoes have a tailored, go-with-everything elegance that makes them an ideal companion for many years.

I started the company to fulfill a lifelong dream of designing shoes I truly believe in. As you can tell, I think less is more. Trend-driven shoes have a funny way of ending up in the back of your closet or in the give-away pile.

I want to help my customers acquire better-made things that they can wear for years.

We have set out to run a business with integrity. That means being extra thoughtful about how Wilder affects our environment, our workers and our customers. To start, we have minimized environmental harm from the business through our choices in manufacturing and materials. For example, we choose vegetable tanned leather whenever possible, use 100% recycled papers in our packaging and produce in very limited quantities. Safe factory conditions, fair wages and humane hours for workers are ongoing priorities when sourcing our products. If you have questions about our business's ethics, I’d love to hear from you!

Running Wilder, I’ve drawn courage from the community of daring, creative businesswomen whom I’ve admired from afar through blog posts, podcasts and Instagram. I'm grateful to them.

Thank you for your interest! I hope we can stay in touch — please join my newsletter for periodic news from the studio.

You can reach me directly at roberta@wildershop.com. Say hi!

x Roberta